Virat kholi Net worth: $60 million. Virat is a well known name in Cricket World. He has made his fame on the very foundation of consistent hard work and determination to this game.

Virat Biography

Virat Kohli writes an emotional note to 15-year-old 'Chiku' on his 31st  birthday | Cricket News - Times of India

Virat was born in an Indian Punjab family. He has a background of a well-educated family yet none was into sports. He has always been very passionate and was into cricket when he was 3 years of age. Virat Kohli was admitted at the age of 9, a family friend told him that he is too good at this age and he should be sent to a professional academy. Everyone was so happy with him. Virat has always been good not just with his game but also with his attitude.

Virat Career History 

विराट कोहली की ये तस्वीरे देख नहीं रुकेगी आपकी भी हंसी

He was just not good with sports; he was also brilliant with his studies. His father was his backbone when it came to his support with cricket. The family has seen all the ups and downs of life. Virat’s first break was under 15 and in his debut, he was the highest scorer, which led him to be the captain of that team, his continuous performance got him selected for the under 19. In his team, a Kohli. Everyone. He also showed that he was good with his bat and knew how to spin the ball. A very obvious change was noticed after his father’s loss. He was a lot more passionate and was always on the field.

Virat’s Comeback in National Team

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Kholi made his comeback in the national team in place of a fellow teammate and he availed every opportunity he was given and performed not just in any particular match he continued to perform throughout the series and made his place permanently in the team.

Kholi was unbeatable throughout the five series, and due to this consistent performance, he made it to ICC ranking on 2nd spot. A commendable performance in the series against the giants of the Cricket world made him very prominent among the big names of the national team. After June 2013 Virat Kohli was of those players who were setting records, Kholi stood in as the captain for the first ODI of the triangular series in the West Indies after Dhoni injured himself during the match. India lost the match by one wicket, and Dhoni was subsequently ruled out of the series with Kholi being named the captain for the remaining matches.

The one word that comes to my mind is responsibility. I think he showed great discipline and responsibility. It reminds me of Sachin Tendulkar when they came here in 1996. This was one huge moment for him that he was being compared to the man whose name goes a long way in cricket history.

Virat Kohli was one hot topic for most of the former cricketers and they could see the cream of the Indian team in him.

“Kohli is the next chosen one. He exudes the intensity of Dravid, the audacity of Sehwag, and the extraordinary range of Tendulkar. That doesn’t make him better in his unique way.” Such statements were made by so many people. 

Virat Kohli made 10,000 before hitting the age of 30, and in the 2019 world cup, Kohli was the captain of the national team. Virat Kohli has also performed magnificently in the Indian premier league.

Virat Kohli Net worth

Before we learn about Virat Kohli Net worth, we must learn what net worth is?

Net worth is the value of all assets, minus the total of all liabilities. Put another way, net worth is what is owned minus what is owed, as per the latest research Kohli has a net worth of USD 60 million. He happens to be the richest cricketer in the world, Virat Kohli is also known as the king of the cricket world and he is one player who has owned his achievements.

He is not just playing sports, he is also endorsing some brands and he happens to be the brand ambassador of multiple brands, he carries over 18 brands, many companies are making a lot more profits over his name. He owns several cars and the house he lives in is worth 35 cores. Virat is the unstoppable captain of the Indian team.

Facts about Virat Kohli

RCB are very fortunate to have a great leader like Virat Kohli: Simon  Katich | Sports News,The Indian Express

  • He’s the fastest batsman to score 8000 runs, 9000 runs, 10000 runs, 11000 runs, and 12000 runs in ODI cricket.
  • He was ranked the no1 ODI batsman until 3.4 years.
  • He even broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record of the fastest 20 ODI centuries.
  • Sachin made it to 20 centuries in 197 innings while Virat took just 133 innings.


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