Steve Bartman was an ordinary Chicago Cubs supporter. All of it changed with a single foul ball. Most Major League Baseball fans remember Steve Bartman as the guy who attempted to grab a foul ball during the Cubs’ NLCS game against the Florida Marlins in 2003.

Steve Bartman extended his arms, tipping the ball and maybe stopping Moises Alou from making the catch for the Cubs in left field. It was anarchy after that.

The Steve Bartman incident

The Chicago Cubs were up 3-0 in Game 6 of the best-of-seven series against the Florida Marlins with one out in the eighth inning and a red-hot Mark Prior on the mound. In brief, the host Cubs were five outs away from making their first World Series appearance in 58 years.

A foul ball was hit down the left-field line by Luis Castillo. Steve Bartman, a well-known fan, stood up and attempted to capture the ball with his bare hands. The ball bounced off Steve Bartman’s hands, preventing Moises Alou, the Cubs left fielder, from completing the second out.

Alou was livid at  Steve Bartman, The Cubs unsuccessfully requested that the umpire call for fan interference and the Marlins went on to score eight runs in the inning and win 8-3. The Marlins came back from a 5-3 deficit against Kerry Wood the next night at Wrigley Field. In the seventh and decisive game, Florida defeated the Cubs 9-6. The Marlins went on to win the World Series, defeating the New York Yankees 4-2.

The Aftermath of Steve Bartman Incident

Many Cubs fans were pointing at Steve Bartman and shouting expletives at him while the Florida Marlins were making their comeback after the Steve Bartman incident. As supporters screamed at him and some threw beer and other objects at him, security had to remove Steve Bartman away. Steve Bartman even made a remark about the play after the game.

Why is Steve Bartman out of the public eye?

Bartman then went on to express his regret to Alou, Cubs fans, and others. Steve Bartman was put in danger. He was reprimanded. It all started with a foul ball. He went into hiding because things had gotten too awful for him. Bartman was too terrified to return to his house, which was under police surveillance, two nights following the incident. Bartman was still refusing interviews and avoiding any media requests ten years after the tragedy. He stayed out of the spotlight. He’d never been back to Wrigley Field.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a  Steve Bartman cutout at Wrigley?

The Steve Bartman cutout was in the front row, down third base, in the same position he sat at Wrigley Field on that fateful October night when he became a national pariah.

Who was the Cubs fan that caught the ball?

Moisés Alou, a Cubs outfielder, chased down the ball and leaped near the fence in an attempt to capture it. Cubs fan Steve Bartman rushed for the ball with other fans seated near the wall, but he deflected it, delaying Alou’s possible grab.


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