Pubg Game Online Play Jio Phone – Play PUBG game on Jio Phone. PUBG is a game unknown to nobody today. PUBG is a royale battle game where 100 players play against each other until there is a single person, duo, or group of four left standing. PUBG mobile offers two modes:PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield and PUBG: Army Attack. Both these versions are free and available on iOS and Android. Well, the question is can you play the PUBG game on the Jio phone or how to download PUBG on the Jio phone? Stick here to know.

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Can you play PUBG on Jio phone?

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Here are some reasons why it is near to impossible as of this writing to play PUBG on a Jio phone.

Firstly, as stated earlier, the PUBG game is developed to play on iOS or Android phones. Jio phones run on KaiOS which is unfortunately not compatible with PUBG.

Secondly, PUBG is designed for touch screen phones and not for feature phones like Jio that come with a physical keypad.

Lastly, the PUBG game has certain installation requirements; a minimum of 2GB RAM and a minimum of 2GB of free storage on a phone. Since we know that the Jio Phone features only 512MB RAM, it’s evident that PUBG cannot run on it. The same is true for PUBG Lite.

Pubg Game Online Play Jio Phone – Is it Possible?

To be precise and accurate, you can only experience PUBG on a smartphone or an iPad. There is no way that the PUBG game could be played on featured phones. It is best advised to play it on a smartphone with large screen HD resolution like Apple iPhone or Samsung flagship phones or even an iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to download and play PUBG on a Jio phone?

PUBG is a game developed for smartphones that cover specific requirements. A Jio phone is a feature phone that comes with a physical keypad and thus, it can not provide the same purpose.


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