The testimony on Tuesday from Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager-turned-whistle-blower, about how Facebook and Instagram can be addictive and harmful to children, set off anger among parents online.

Some parents questioned their own complicity in allowing their young children to have social media accounts. Others blamed the platforms for harmful content.

“My daughter was damaged by Instagram,” one user tweeted in response to a comment about the hearing from Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesman. “It’s been a brutal slog clawing her way back from body dysmorphia issues which presented at exactly the time she started using Instagram.”

Another parent said that it was family members’ responsibility to take action by keeping children away from social media.

“I am a parent and I protected my boys,” the user tweeted. “I am a parent and I protected my boys. It’s that simple. I’m no fan of FB but we gotta have some common sense y’all.”

Another added that there was “no question” Facebook and Instagram “cause harm to teenagers.”

“My daughter is 12, she is not on these apps. Parents seriously, don’t let your kids on these apps,” the user wrote.


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