Mini royale players have been wondering what to expect from Call of Duty: Warzone’s Mini Royale game mode. On Thursdays, both Cold War and Warzone receive weekly playlist upgrades, and the most recent release brings back Mini Royale, which had previously been introduced.

Mini royale Warzone Playlist 

A few adjustments were made to the Warzone playlist on April 8th. The King Slayer (Verdansk), Plunder Trios, and Resurgence Duos were all removed (Rebirth Island). Resurgence Quads (Rebirth Island), Plunder Quads, and Mini Royale Trios were also added in the update (Verdansk).

Warzone Mini Royale Mode

The goal of Warzone’s Mini Royale game mode is to preserve the same Battle Royale experience as Verdansk, but make it a little shorter and sweeter. “Faced pace Battle Royale in constricted sections of Verdansk” is the official description of the mode.

Players are falling off of the map in greater numbers, with the total number of players dropping from 150 to 75. You’ll be lined in groups of three unless you choose to queue solo, in which case you’ll be fighting against groups of three on your own.

When you drop in, the storm circle has already been encircled by one, so you’ll only have a small amount of area to drop into.

What is Mini Royale in Warzone?

Aside from the limited number of players and constrained areas of Verdansk, the mode is similar to standard Battle Royale. When you enter Mini Royale, though, be prepared for a short fight!

Aside from the smaller lobby and smaller map area, there are no additional differences between Royale and the classic Battle Royale mode. Mini Royale is a quicker-paced variation of Warzone’s most popular game mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many people are in mini royal rebirth?

The Rebirth Mini Royale mode is similar to the regular Battle Royale mode, with a limit of 40 participants per round.

Is Mini Royale skill-based matchmaking?

In any of Modern Warfare’s bigger player count modes, there is no skill-based matchmaking. So there’s no SBMM in Warzone… However, skill-based matchmaking is currently unavailable in Warzone battle royale.


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