Michele Morrone wife was born in Italy on 15th April 1987. The reason for her popularity is because she was the ex-wife of Michele Morrone. Michele Morrone, who is also a popular actor, has acted in both Polish and Italian films. By profession, he is a singer, fashion designer, and model. He experienced hype in his career with his role as Don Torricelli in the movie ‘365’.

Michele Morrone wife personal life

Michele Morrone wife Rouba met Michele Morrone with the reference of some of her mutual friends. After having a close relationship they eventually got married in 2014. This event was priorly a private affair, and only people close to them were invited. Also, the date and venue of the ceremony was never revealed in the media, but their big day was a grand ceremony. 

They had two sons from their marriage, Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone, in 2014 and 2017, respectively. But it was a bit of sheer bad luck that they had to take a tough decision to end this relationship. The reason for this was not revealed. This divorce took place in 2018.

Michele Morrone wife Rouba prefers to keep things personal. Michele Morrone wife has never discussed anything about her parents or siblings. It is only known that Michele Morrone wife has two siblings, a brother, and a sister.

Michele Morrone wife education

Michele Morrone wife started a diploma course during her school days from Notre Dame de Paris in 1994, which got over in 2004.Michele Morrone wife did her graduation from a renowned Lebanese American University and got a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media in 2008. 



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Michele Morrone wife career 

By profession,Michele Morrone wife is a fashion designer. She has also work experience at the post of senior coordinator, graphic designer, and celebrity partner in the past. She is mainly famous for being Michele Morrone wife. She has also worked on the label ‘Elie Saab’ before marrying Michele. Michele Morrone wife is considered to be the founder of  Les Paradis Des Fous in 2013 and remained the CEO till December 2014. After marriage and having children, it was difficult for her to pursue her career. So she quit her job to focus on her family and raising her children. 

After the divorce, Michele Morrone wife managed to come out and get back to return to her work. She once again joined Elie Saab in Beirut as a coordinator.

Michele Morrone wife net worth

Michele Morrone wife had an excellent career as a designer and her experience helped her accumulate the wealth she has today. Michele Morrone wife has been doing hard for many years now. As a result,Michele Morrone wife has a net worth estimated to be more than $2 million.

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Realities of Michele Morrone wife 

Michele Morrone wife Rouba Saadeh has decided to use her precious time either with her kids or spending time with her loved ones.

Michele Morrone wife Rouba Saadeh can speak many languages and she knows Arabic, English, French, and Italian dialects.

Michele Morrone wife has got a few words inked on the right half of her chest and a boundlessness sign inked on her wrist.

Her Social Media Status

Michele Morrone wife , as per her LinkedIn profile, has been utilized for one year at Elie Saab style house in Beirut as Senior Ready-to-Wear Coordinator. She has also worked at Alfa telecom in the position of a realistic website specialist.

Michele Morrone wife’s Instagram account, which is public and has immediately shot up in the volume of adherents containing late grandstands selfies on the seashore. This is full of the memorable photographs of her cute young men, Marcus and Brando, whom Michele Morrone wife has all the earmarks of being brought up in Lebanon’s Yarze region where Michele Morrone wife at the end of the day, grew up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the real identity of Michele Morrone wife?

She is a Lebanese. She is capable of communicating in four dialects: Arabic, English, Français, and Italiano.

What is the weight and height of Michele Morrone wife?

Michele Morrone wife is 5 feet and 7 inches long and her weight weighs 56 kilograms. 


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